Octacog as an Educational Tool

Explore Science and Math Concepts

Boy using a scale with Octacog to take measurements and record data.

Octacog was invented and developed by a science teacher as a unique toy and game.  As it began to take shape, it was clear Octacog could be used in the classroom as a STEM education tool.

Octacog can help students and teachers explore several educational standards in science and math such as:

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS):

Forces, motion, stability, interactions, cause and effect, balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, density, mass

Common Core Standards in Math:

Symmetry, Geometry, Shapes, Angles

Lesson Plans

Octacog and Center of Gravity Fact Sheet

Observe, Predict, Test with Octacog

Wind Power with Octacog

Magnets with Octacog


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