Boy using a balanced Octacog as a toy.

Octacog is an innovative construction toy, game and STEM education tool for children and adults that's all about the physics of balance. With a movable balance point, movable rods, and various weighted pieces, Octacog can be designed and built in countless ways. Octacog is a modern, modular adaptation of the classic balance toys that have been around for centuries.

    • As a toy, Octacog is a fun experimental construction set that can result in some amazing balanced contraptions.
    • As a game, Octacog challenges players to add or move pieces while trying to keep everything in balance.
    • As a STEM education tool, Octacog can be used to explore Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Math Standards.

    Why is it called Octacog?

    The name Octacog is a combination of words: "octagon" combined with "center of gravity."

    • "Octa" because its shape is an octagonal solid.
    • "cog" for center of gravity. The center of gravity is what you change when you adjust or add weights to Octacog.

      About the Creator

      Octacog was invented and developed by Bill Burton, an elementary school science teacher, in Dallas, Texas. One day, Bill was thinking about all the creative balance toys that are used for fun and education; tops, gyroscopes, the balancing bird, stacking games and so on. He wanted a balance toy that people could use to build their own unique balancing creation. And he wanted it to have a ‘wow’ factor when it balanced in certain ways. Bill spent a weekend gathering materials and developing the first prototype for Octacog. Over the next few weeks, with lots and lots of changes, it started to look more like the final Octacog you can buy today.

      Intellectual Property

      "Octacog" is a trademark of Cog Toy Company, LLC, Dallas, Texas
      Octacog is patent pending
      All rights reserved

      Made in USA and China

      • Octacog was invented and designed in Texas, USA.
      • Print matter, metal balance rods and packaging are made in the USA.
      • Other parts are made in China.
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