Octacog is a Hot Diggity Award Winner

Octacog was recently honored as a 2021 Hot Diggity Award Winner.Hot Diggity 2021 Award Logo

Hot Diggity is a national seal-of-approval program that evaluates hundreds of family and pet products each year, awarding only the best of the best with a Hot Diggity Award. Their seal signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or educational value and a commitment to excellence. 

The evaluation team shared these thoughts about Octacog:

"This clever and fun game is like a physics experiment, teaching players cause and effect and how to best balance the Octacog, sometimes by trial and error. As we added to the build, we were surprised at what worked ... and what didn't! Lots of fun, especially for older kids."

Octacog is proud to be a part of the Hot Diggity Award family of products. Visit Octacog's listing on the Hot Diggity website here.

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